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Fancy Sauce: Bag, Chips, and Book!

Fancy Sauce: Bag, Chips, and Book!

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Need better meetings right MEOW??? 




This packaging goes the extra mile and takes TONS of work. However, it is BEAUTIFUL. Our goal is to make ZERO $$$ off this effort. When combining the time to hand make chips, seal the bags, and ship it, it gets very costly for now.


Feel free to purchase it directly from Amazon as we work to lower our own costs to compete.


In two clicks, we'll get our team on freshly picking a copy of "Your meetings are StaleChips" from our locally sourced Innovation Tree. Packaged with homemade quotes and a little surprise, we're sure this borderline spiritual experience will impact the way you work, and the number of laughs in a day.


Take a dip into effective problem solving with our newest chip.


  • What's in the bag???


    Why are we yelling? I'm not sure, but we certainly are excited to share our best tricks and tips on getting the most out of teams.

    This guide is built to give you the most useful information in the shortest, most entertaining format possible. It's not Harry Potter, but it certainly is magical. Study it at home, carry it in your back pocket, change the world, or just have a good laugh.

    We'll see you on the other side of Innovation real soon.




  • Return & Refund Policy

    Did the guide turn out more Stale than expected?

    Sorry to hear! Our mission with the book is to make $0. Not because we are terrible at business, but because we want to:

    1) Make an impact on the every growing amount of meetings.

    2) Make you fall head over chips for us.

    3) Have you come back for more in the future!

    Please reach out to us directly via the contact form if there are any issues. Packages are made by hand (with LOVE) and can, like a Bob Ross painting, have a few happy accidents. We will gladly work with you to make sure your experience is the crunchiest (it's a good thing, we promise).


  • Shipping Info

    Preparing orders takes a handful of days, but we've got our team of superstars on it.

    We ship standard to all states in the US and are working for the best pricing both nationally & internationally. 

    We aim to have all US packages received within 5-7 business days and 7-10 business days for International customers.

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