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We're a growing group of facilitators, innovators, nuclear engineers, and people nerds who, armed with continuous curiosity, aim to help individuals and teams get the most out of any situation. Also, we're silly.

John Hawley.

Facilitator, Father, Exploratory Guide into the Possible

John believes the key to success lies within growing and molding the individual contributor. He breaks through traditional barriers of bureaucracy to enable a team-wide shift to collective and collaborative thinking. He does this by breaking down silos to create a trusting culture, leading to more efficient and fast-paced teams. Hilariously serious. The Fascinated Facilitator. Human Performance Specialist. Laughs at own jokes.

Johnny Saye.

Facilitator, Dancer, Ideation Obsessed Innovator

Helps to make the intangible, tangible under the methodology of design thinking: from packaging design, creation of brands, new applications to improving the education system, with the user at the heart of every product while never losing sight of beauty. Mind management, idea inventing, "comedian-esce", creativity coach



Because it's playful with a purpose.

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