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Minimum Viable Validation

Minimum Viable Validation

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Speed doesn't have a direction.


That's why we created this step by step guide to Minimum Viable Validation.


$3 Million spent over 3 years that resulted in 1 customer at $50 a month. No one spoke to a customer, defined a target market, or tested a single assumption. How does this happen?


Demands on production can turn teams into factories, and pressure from business units often forces prioritization of effort. The act NOW, act FAST approach costs literal millions to organizations, but many are not able or ready to invest heavily in research from the start.


With this process, Minimum Viable Validation, you can protect product teams’ time/effort/focus. By blending elements to uncover Desirability/Viability of concepts and leveraging human & AI research, we can answer the key question, which philosopher Missy Elliot said best...






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