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Commercial Price List

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Download our complete Commercial Price List by clicking on the image.

Missed the price list?

Here's an emergency button. It also has the document. Click to download.

What's the dealio?

Can Innovation be pre-packaged?

Will it still stay fresh? Is this analogy even working?

The answer is: Yes. Yes. No.

We've put years of experience into designing a process that teams & organizations can use to tackle their most complex problems. Good ideas aren't easy, but they can be.

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(Years of Experience)

Who are you?

You. We get you.

Process with no progress is exhausting.

Meetings shouldn’t lead to more meetings.

Getting your ducks in a row should be easy.

Your culture of innovation just needs a kickstart.

What's the offer?

We have 5 strategic offerings: 

1) Online Courses

2) Collaboration Bootcamp  

3) One-day Workshop

4) Level 4 Certification

5) Workshop Curation


For a price breakdown and description of the offering, please click to download our

Commercial Price List PDF. For additional questions, please email us at


Want to get spicier?

Pull up a chair for a fresh slice of innovation. Our in-person training day is a jolt to the system. To support continued growth, we’ve created deliciously informative courses featuring our own internal toolkit. With it, you can tackle all phases of problem-solving. In 16 hours of "infotainment," students will gain access to the ingredients needed for successful innovation.


9 courses: 16+hours

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