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One-stop doc shop

Below are our most useful documents: understand our offerings, learn our pricing, find the best contracting mechanism, and more.


Click on the picture in each section to view the full document.

Contracting 1-Pager-6_edited.jpg

Our capability statement is unique because it links to ALL other documents. This is meant to be the one-stop doc in our one-stop shop.

Want to see the variety of our facilitation offerings? If you'd like to start from scratch, reach out and we can go from potato to chip!

Contracting 1-Pager-9.png
Contracting 1-Pager-8.png

Want to know our different mechanisms to get to YES? This menu provides a list of options to serve as an "easy button."

Who is Stale Chips and what do we offer? In this 1-page document, we layout the core of our services, who we've worked with, and what is our special sauce? 

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Contracting 1-Pager-10_edited.jpg

Built with the deckplate in mind, this 1-page document lays out the complete offering of our NPIER package: online course, module card, and templates!

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